ECONET provides maintenance of trees
in residential and/or commercial areas.


We know that the health and appearance of your trees is very important. An adequate pruning provides the tree with better structure, shape and appearance as well as resolving safety issues in your green areas. We provide a complete service available throughout Puerto Rico. Our certified arborists are trained in a range of pruning techniques to remove dead and fallen branches and/or to control height, in order to promote the healthy growth of your trees.

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Often a tree must be removed for reasons related to safety, disease or decay. Econet is able to remove such trees in an efficient and safe way, protecting the integrity of your property and of your neighbors. Our personnel are insured so that you don’t need to worry.

¡Do not take a chance!
Removing a tree by yourself might seem easy and less expensive, but it is not safe. Our tree removal services offer you:

SAFETY We evaluate the potential risks and complete a safety checklist before beginning the job.

PRECISION We employ appropriate tools and our vast experience in tree removal in order to guarantee you an efficient and complete job.

PROTECTION We ensure the integrity of your property and green areas throughout the entire removal process.

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Depending upon the location and size of any stumps and roots, the total removal of a tree stump is a time-consuming process if you do not own the correct equipment. ECONET provides such equipment as well as trained personnel in order to safely remove stumps, therefore allowing you to take advantage of a clean and functional space instead.

Stump removal includes:

PREPARATION We evaluate the stump and surrounding area in order to determine a safe plan.

REMOVAL We destroy and remove any roots up to two feet underground.

FILLING We fill the hole and cover it with wood shavings to create a professional appearance.

When you want to create improvements to the infrastructure and in turn preserve the trees or palms, it is possible to transplant them, either for their ecological value or for their cultural, historical and/or commercial importance. Using correct techniques and procedures, transplanting and/or planting can be successfully established. Also, and not least important is the selection of high-quality plants, as well as the appropriate location and time. Trust your planting or transplant projects to ECONET where we keep up to date with the latest planting and transplanting techniques and methodologies.

Palm pruning is recommended in select situations where the leaves, seeds or fruits that fall naturally would pose a hazard to the safety of people or of urban environments. There are some species which retain their dead leaves for a long time and these can suddenly fall off, while in other cases the flowers or fruits are so large that they must be removed before they will fall naturally, and there are also cases in which the seeds germinate quickly and so they must be removed to prevent unwanted spread. ECONET has specialized equipment for climbing palms without damaging them; remember that palm wounds remain throughout their lives.

Econet offers a wide variety of consulting services, including wetland studies, ecosystem restoration, inventories and monitoring of flora / fauna and control of invasive species. No matter the location (dense urban center or a remote rural site), we take advantage of technology and our experience to provide reliable ecological consulting services.

We process the necessary permits before the government agencies of Puerto Rico for your peace of mind.

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